Cliff is an avid cyclist, runner, and swimmer. He frequently participates in triathlons. Exercise and health are significant priorities for him. Travel is another one of his favorite things to do. He has traveled the world extensively. He believes travel is a great way to learn and feels that it makes people well-rounded individuals. He particularly enjoys visiting Russia and has great appreciation for Russian culture.


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 Cliff is deeply committed to helping his community. His philanthropic endeavors focus on the most vulnerable in our society, children and the elderly. He has a long history of being involved with children’s services such as foster care and adoption. He supports hospice programs and helps provide quality housing for the elderly.



Cliff Davis began his career in construction shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee. His degree in industrial engineering has proven useful over the years. His company is based in Tampa-St. Petersburg Florida but his projects have extended throughout various locations in the US. He has completed a wide range of residential and commercial developments. These include single-family homes, neighborhoods, multiplexes, office buildings, medical facilities, shopping centers, and nursing homes. His knowledge and experience of the construction process make him a highly sought after developer in the Florida region. His approach to building involves attention to detail and hands-on management of projects. This provides the highest quality real estate.

Cliff Davis 

Tampa St.Petersburg